Building Defence Systems (BDS) is one of the foremost suppliers of industrial security equipment and systems to the GCC. Our portfolio of equipment currently being deployed to projects throughout the region is as follows: -

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Crash Tested Fencing System.
  • Anti Personnel Rigid Mesh Fencing System.
  • Crash Tested and Certified Static and Hydraulic Bollards.
  • Crash Tested and Certified Hydraulic Wedge Type Crash Barriers.
  • Crash Tested and Certified Hydraulic & Manual Crash Beams.



  • Crash Tested and Certified Bi Folding Speed Gates.
  • Raise Arm Access Barriers.
  • Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS), including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Driver Face Capture (DFC).
  • Desktop and Handheld Explosive Trace Detection Equipment.
  • Pedestrian Turnstiles.
  • Baggage and Truck X-Ray Machines.
  • Walkthrough and Hand Held Metal Detection.
  • VidSys PSIM (Physical Security Information Management Software).
  • Marine Security Barriers.